Monday, March 30, 2009

Raley's Deviled Eggs are the Devil

I got caught yesterday.

I went out with Mini-Mac on a bike ride. I had promised her we'd go to Subway on the way home. I don't like Subway much and never have. I'm not big on lunch meat or sandwiches, I guess. So I figured I would wait until I got home to eat and didn't bring anything. Or I'd get something there and eat around the bread.

Unfortunately, when I got there, neither option appealed to me. I was getting that sick feeling I get in my stomach sometimes if I go too long without eating and I didn't want to watch Mini-Mac eat for half an hour either.

So I went to Raley's and got something from the Deli. I got Deviled Eggs, thinking "hey, it's eggs; I need the protein." I even looked at the label, but misread the serving size.

So I'm thinking there is more fat in there than if I'd made them at home, but not too bad. Until I went to enter the food into "My Fitness Pal" and discovered that the nutritional info wasn't for two eggs but for two egg HALVES. Which means I had 33g of fat and 390 calories just from three little eggs.

Oh. my. god.

Of course, I went over my fat and calorie goals for the day. At least my carbs were super low and I got in all my protein.

I know when I eat out that I'm getting a lot of fat, but that was ridiculous. I bet there was more mayo in those things than egg yolks! They didn't even taste that good either. Probably because there was more mayo in there than egg yolks.

But the good news is that Mini-Mac had a good time bike riding and wants to do it again. I think we'll do it every Sunday, if we can.
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