Thursday, February 19, 2009

Runner's High

I think I finally felt it!

Yesterday I decided to skip my weekly track interval workout in favor of a long run at the gym. I hadn't done a long run in over a week and, besides, it was raining out!

Normally when I run, I spend a lot of time mentally pushing myself to continue. I concentrate on my run in very short increments. Like 1-2 minutes at a time.

Typical self-talk:

Okay, it's been two minutes. So only 30 seconds and then I'll be half way to the first 5 minutes. Okay, now I'm half way to the first 5 minutes. Now only 2 more minutes until I've done 5 minutes. One more minute. I've gone 5 minutes -- I'm half way to the first 10 minutes!

Lather, rinse and repeat.

Plus I keep reminding myself that I have gone however far it is that I'm planning to do this time before. Or, if it's the beginning of the week and I'm upping my time, I concentrate on getting to the time I've run before and then seeing how I feel.

Yeah, it sounds a little crazy, but if I thought "you've got 28 more minutes to go," I'd completely give up.

So yesterday I'm running and thinking and watching the tvs without any sound and mentally singing along to my iPod Nano and I look down expecting to have gone about 2 minutes and it was closer to eight! This kept happening to me throughout the run. I was running easily and not dying inside. I had no doubt I could make the whole 33 minutes even though this is my first week at 33 minutes. I started to suspect I could have done the whole thing a bit faster.

I know I have my Silicon Valley Tri Club workouts to thank for this. The weekly intervals at the track, the weekly swim drills and the weekly "New to the Sport" workout are all pushing me to do more than I thought I was capable of and really improving my stamina.

You know, if this keeps up, I may actually turn into a runner. Something I never thought I'd think let alone type.
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