Monday, February 16, 2009

I really am a Small

Since I have lost a bunch of weight, people have been telling me how tiny I am. But now it's official. Today I went clothes shopping and all the tops I bought were size Small!

I seemed to have skipped right over Medium too. Most of the tops in my closet are Large so I'm going to have to do some purging and maybe even more shopping. I'm trying not to buy too much until I get to goal, but I can't be running around in tops that are many sizes too big for me.

I had a bit of a WOW moment during the pants portion of my shopping too. First, I thought I'd be a 10P or 12P based on how my 14Ps have been fitting. So I picked up a bunch of them and headed to the nearest dressing room. I tried on the first pair and they were big so I assumed they were the 12Ps. But they were the 10Ps! It seems that some 10Ps are big on me. I ended up buying one pair in an 8P and one in a 10P.

But the greatest part of this shopping experience is that I was able to be PICKY about what I bought and still found about as many things to buy as I used to when I really couldn't afford to be that picky. Everything cost a lot less than I was expecting too. Plus-sized clothes really are more expensive than regular sizes, it seems.
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