Sunday, January 11, 2009

Three month pix and stats and stuff

I bet you were wondering where these were. My three month anniversary was Dec. 24th so, as you might imagine, I was a bit busy. I did actually get some pictures taken and even did my measurements. But then I did nothing with them.

Not bad. (Though I look better now -- just wait for the 4 month shots!)

But, trust me on this one, I'm at the point where I look much better naked. For one thing, you can tell I have collarbones and ribs. Yes, ribs! (Okay, I have to lay down for you to see the ribs. But they are there.) Also, the middle looks less thick without clothes.

Maybe I should have done these shots in my workout clothes instead, but I made a conscious decision to use street clothes as that's how most people see me most of the time.

Here are my measurements:

Bust: 41 " - down 1 "
Chset 33 " - down 1.5 "
Waist: 34 " - down 2 "
Stomach - 47 " - down 1 "
Hips: 44 " - down 1 "
Thigh: 21 " - down 1"
Calf: 15 " - UP 1/2 " (It's muscle, too. I have muscles in my legs and arms!)
Arm: 12 " - down 1/2 "
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