Monday, January 12, 2009

The Three Month Check-up

I had trouble getting in to see Dr. Awesome for my Three Month Follow-up visit. He actually wanted to see me in early Dec. because of the whole ER thing. But I already had an appointment for Dec. 19th, so he said to go with that.

But the Monday before, I got a call confirming my appointment and saying it was all the way out in Sacramento! It seems the office schedule has changed and it's no longer Friday clinic in SF. I adore Dr. Awesome, as you all know, but not enough to drive all the way out to Sacramento from work! I rescheduled for early Jan.

In the meantime, I had had labs done to see if my protein and potassium issues had been resolved. My labs were great! Okay, except for protein which was still low and magnesium which was as low as it could be and still be normal. As soon as I got the labs back, I started pushing protein more.

Dr. Awesome had told me to get 100 g a day and I just hadn't been able to do that. I was doing around 90 g a day, up from 80 g. So I just started pushing protein like crazy. I was eating a lot at night and it was just too much food so I wasn't happy about it. My potassium prescription was set to run out the day of my appointment too. So I was really looking forward to it so we could talk about these things.

And then the Monday before I got another call from the office. It seems I had been scheduled for a time when Dr. Awesome was flying to Hawaii to do clinic there. So they wanted me to reschedule. Again.

At this point, I was pretty pissed. I didn't feel like the protein or potassium issues could wait. So I emailed Dr. Awesome and he had the office call me and set up a phone appointment. We went over my labs (which he agreed looked good), talked about the protein, (Yes, I still have to do 100 g a day minimum --rats!) and some other stuff.

He was really happy with my weight loss and said not to worry so much about carbs and stuff since what I'm doing is working. Of course, what I'm doing is limiting carbs whenever my weight loss slows down, so I guess I still have to worry about them after all. He think, if I keep going like this, I'll be down to 116 by the end of the year. I'm not sure I believe I can go that low. But I'm willing to give it a shot.

At this point, I still have my appointment for next week, but I also have permission to cancel it, if I need to. I haven't decided yet. I still haven't gotten my eStore order since I never went into SF. If they'll send it down to San Jose (where I had to schedule my appointment to avoid waiting even longer), I may show up for it after all. I do have a list of questions as long as my arm, though most of them are generic and could even be asked at the support meeting. I also could have asked them over the phone, but they just weren't important enough at the time.
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