Monday, January 5, 2009

Out of obesity

Okay, that should probably read "I'm no longer obese!!!!!!!!" and add a few girlie squeals in there for good measure and maybe some smilie faces and LOLZ. But I decided to go for the sophisticated pun headline instead. After all, I can't end all my blog titles with !! even if I'm feeling very !!! these days.

Today, I finally broke under 159, which means I am no longer clinically obese. I feel as good about this as if I was no longer fat, probably because the word "obese" is a really gross word, for some reason. Say it outloud... O-BEEEssz. Even if you didn't know what the word meant, just from the sound of it, you'd know it wasn't a good thing.

Granted, it's not as bad as morbidly obese which has the grossness of the word obese coupled with DEATH, but it's still not a pretty word.

And I no longer have to use it to describe myself. Or, if I do, I can put the word "formerly" in front of it.

I think I'll still use "fat" though. As you can tell from the title of my blog, the word "fat" doesn't phase me. After all, you need fat to cushion your organs and make your skin soft. Plus it makes food taste good. Not to mention, at 156 (whee!), I am still fat with a BMI in the overweight range.

Which leads to the thought... will I always self-identify as a fat person? I remember being in High School and being 110 and having lots of guys chasing me and still feeling like I was SO FAT and if I only lost 10 lb. life would all be different. Somehow.

Thank god for some perspective.

But not forgetting where you came from is good too. So I think I will try to always remember that standing behind this thinner body is the ghost of much thicker version.
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