Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bicyclist are crazy!

I try to bike at least 12 mi. every weekend. This weekend it was scheduled to rain. So I didn't bike on Saturday, thinking I'd get caught in the rain. When it didn't really rain that much, after all, I decided to take a chance and go biking on Sunday.

Except as soon as I got out there, I realized I was biking into a headwind. No matter, I thought, that means I'll have a tailwind on the way back. So I biked down to the Alvarado Creek Regional Trail, which is a slab of asphalt that runs along Alvarado Creek. On the way, I see some bicyclists. On the trail I see bicyclists. Most of the families and joggers and walkers that you normally see on the trail are all smart enough to stay home. But not us bikers -- we're crazy!

Then, I start to feel some drops. It doesn't look like the skies are going to open up right then and there, so I keep going. The next thing I know, the headwind is a side wind. Then it starts raining. I keep biking. The few joggers and walkers have all disappeared, but I'm out there. And so are other bikers! What's wrong with these bikers -- are they crazy? It's raining and windy!

Eventually the rain goes away and so does the wind and the joggers and walkers come back. As well as more bicylists. I have no tailwind to aid me on the way back, but I still made good time, much better than last week -- when I couldn't figure out my derailers and also got a bit lost.

I had a blast, by the way. If you need more proof that bicyclists are crazy.
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