Sunday, December 7, 2008

OH in San Ramon

Yesterday I went to San Ramon for a WLS conference put on by ObesityHelp. I had a blast!

I got my RMR tested -- as suspected, my metabolism is slightly lower than average for my age, weight, height and gender. But not by a lot.

I sampled a lot of food, both yummy (protein bars) and bizarre (some weird "health" drinks). Oh and the organizers always had WLS friendly food available so I never had to dip into my beef jerky stash. I even got hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Yum.

I met a lot of people, both new to me and somewhat known to me from the OH forums.

I came home with lots of samples including a new protein powder that I really liked and a lot of vitamin samples.

The talks were great, too. Ramon gave an inspirational talk and made me cry. Damn you, Ramon. The OH fitness expert Jeremy Gentles gave a talk about exercise and its place in your weight loss program, with a big plug for strength training. I'm going a lot of cardio now because I'm training for a Triathlon, but I really need to start the strength training and this was a good reminder of why.

They also had a Plastic Surgeon talk and then afterwards I had a consult. It was mostly good news. He thinks I'll need a bi-directinal tummy tuck which will get rid of my yucky gallbladder scar and replace it with a nicer one and it will get rid of my c-section scars too. Then, if I need a breast reduction, which he seemed to think I would, insurance might pay for it. Which would make the cost much more affordable. The only bad news is that I have underarm fat that will look bad if I get the breast reduction/lift and so should be removed too.

I am more hopeful about the whole thing though now. It's good to know I'll be able to afford it, which was a big fear for me. Now I just need to start researching Plastic Surgeons.

The event ended with a dynamic presentation by Eggface and Melting Momma. They made all sorts of food for us and we got to sample it and learn some techniques. One of the items was a protein shake that had been put into an ice cream maker to turn it into ice cream. Since I have trouble with the protein shakes, I thought a new way to make them was good to know. I particularly liked the Pizza Bites. "Bites" are these things that Eggface invented that are like a crustless mini-quiche. The rest of the stuff was more of the sweet stuff that doesn't appeal to me these days. Not that I let this stopped me from trying it all; after all, if you don't try, how do you know?

After the event, I went home and ran over to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought an ice cream maker! Then today I made some more Chocolate Pumpkin Protein brownies and my = own attempt at Italian Garden Veggie Bites. The Bites weren't bad but I put in too much Italian Seasonings. I also used cheddar cheese and I'm thinking maybe mozzarella would be better. I'm going to try again tomorrow.

I think I might be turning into a ... GASP ... cook!
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