Monday, December 22, 2008

Neither High Nor Low

and it's a good thing!

I just had some labs done. I was supposed to have my three month follow-up visit about now, but it got postponed until January and the labs were for that. After my last set of labs in the ER with their little Ls and Hs everywhere, I was worried. But my labs were actually great, with one or two exceptions.

My potassium, which I've been struggling with since I went on the blood pressure meds two years ago is now completely normal, right in the middle of the range. Yeah!

My Vitamin D, which I began serious supplementation of when I got my pre-op labs done and saw how low it was, is right up where I want it to be, higher than I was aiming for, in fact.

A lot of stuff that has been L for a while, but my doctor said is often L and not to worry about it, is no longer L. (It's all this stuff that starts with MC and I can't figure out what half of it is. But it's normal, whatever it is.)

All the stuff that was H when I was in the ER is now normal. All the stuff that was L is now normal too, except my protein levels, which are still slightly low. Darn. I am so sick of pushing protein. I never did get up to 100 g a day, but I was up to 90 g. So now I'm going to try harder to get in those extra 10 grams.

I would like both my magnesium and iron to be higher, though. They are within normal range, but at the bottom of it. I was taking a chewable multi-vitamin before and it was low in magnesium. I am now able to swallow a regular multivitamin and it has about 10x the magnesium in it that the chewable has. So I'm hopeful that will be enough.

For the iron, I am going to switch around and take my calcium first thing in the morning with my protein shake and my multi at lunch when I'm not consuming gobs of calcium. I have a feeling the iron in my multivitamin was being clobbered by the calcium in my shakes. I may also start supplementing the iron, but I'd really rather not do that since you can get too much iron and supplementing it does tend to constipate you.

So overall, I'm happy. I figured my labs would be much better, but I didn't expect them to be this much better.
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