Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mr. Mac is a trooper

I have been thinking about getting plastic surgery. I go back and forth on it and Mr. Mac isn't too thrilled about the idea either -- mostly because of the money.

But I realized the other day -- when some women on OH were bitching about their husbands bitching about their shrinking boobage -- that I had never actually told him that I am looking into getting a breast reduction.

Last night I sprang the news -- hey, I waited until after Christmas so as not to spoil it -- and asked him if he'd be upset. His immediate, uncontrolable reaction, was this sad pout. But he manned up and said "No, of course I won't be upset."

Liar! But, believe me, I appreciated the effort.

I also showed him what I was thinking in terms of size and he agreed that it wasn't THAT small. Plus, they should be much perkier. So maybe he won't be too disappointed with the actual results.

The thing is, I really need to do this. My back is killing me from being so top heavy and that part of the body shows no signs of leaving me any time soon. As attached to them as he is, Mr. Mac understands that. He really is a sweetheart.
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