Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays

With the holidays upon us, I've been going to parties like crazy. I'm going to another one tomorrow. The first big one was for work. It was at SF City Hall and was, as usual, quite the extravaganza. There was food everywhere and an open bar. I had decided beforehand that I was going to have one or two bites of everything that looked good, even dessert, with no regard for carbs or calories. And I did.

It was great. I had one small appetizer beforehand (waiters were running around with plates of food offering them to us all night), a small plate of food as "dinner" and 5 bites of dessert. Every time I ate something that wasn't as good as I thought it looked, I stopped eating it after one bite. If it was really good, I had two. I didn't feel different from anyone else -- my plate had just as much food as theirs -- and I was completely satisfied with what I ate. I thought about eating more, but didn't want to.

Then, when I logged my food for that night, I hadn't gone over my carb allowance or my calorie allowance for the day! All of this made me much happier about life and much more secure that I can do this and keep the weight I lose off without being "on a diet" for the rest of my life.

Then we had a small potluck at work and again I felt like I was eating normally. I had less choices of food -- there were a lot of carb-based entrees -- but I had what I wanted and did well on the calorie and carb front. Plus my Banana Protein muffins were a BIG hit.

Tomorrow I'm going to make "bites" for the potluck I'm going to on Sunday. I am working on perfecting my "Italian Garden Delight" bite recipe. Yes, I'm cooking these days. It's fun and -- cross your fingers -- I haven't had to go the ER due to a cooking episode yet. (Yes, I have sent myself to the ER while cooking in the past.) I had to throw out an entire batch of White Chocolate Fruit Dip because it sucked big time, but no injuries or cooking fires to date. I may get the hang of this cooking thing yet!

If I can get my Italian Bites to come out this time (too much oregano last time), I'll post the recipe.
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