Monday, November 17, 2008

WOWs for the Week

I had a good week this week.

First, I lost five pounds! That's the max I ever lose in a week so that's great. Plus I'm now in the 160s. I only have to lose about 10-15 more to be where Dr. Awesome wants me to be by Dec. 24th. I think, even with Thanksgiving coming up, that's completely doable.

Then I got out my boxes of size 14 clothes to see if there where any more I could fit into and I fit into almost all of them! There were only a few shirts and some pants I couldn't get into. But -- unlike what I was expecting -- I could wear at least half the pants including these sharp Liz Claibourne pin-striped pants that are truly a 14P. Whee!

Then today I decided to wear a dress to work. It's one SusieWong gave me when I was in Vegas. It's black so I dug out my black heels. The ones I bought to wear to MacMIL's funeral and never fit me right because they always squeezed the top part of my feet. Well, today they fit! In fact, one's a bit loose. So it looks like even my feet are skinnier! Dare I hope to go back to a size 6 in shoes? Probably not after two kids, but maybe I can get back to a 6 1/2.

Also, when I got to work, people wanted to know if I'd been interviewing -- which is Engineering Talk for "you don't look like a schlubby engineer."

Finally, I'm doing much better at getting in my fluids and my protein. Given that I have to get 100 g of protein a day now, that's been quite challenging. I haven't quite got to that point but I'm averaging around 95 g a day and I do get 64 oz. of fluid most days. Now I just have to do that every day and maybe even go over some days and I'll feel truly out of the woods in terms of kidney stones.

On the negative side, I had a bad experience with shopping yesterday (how I hate to shop, especially at the New Park Mall of Suck) and also I'm dealing with a lot of head issues over not being able to eat what I want. But let's keep those for another post on another day as this is my Happy Post, so no negativity is allowed.
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