Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Random notes

I know I have TWO tape measures in my house. One I've had forever and one I bought to do my measurements for this blog because I couldn't find that one. So now I can't find either!

I guess I'll have to buy a third and this time remember where I hid it.

In other news, last week was a bad week. I couldn't get my fluids in and everything I tried made it worse so by the end of the week, I wasn't getting my protein in either. But this is a new week and I feel better about everything. I can drink pretty fast now without getting that pain my chest so it's just a matter of keeping at it and not getting distracted. I also just ate a scrambled egg and I got the whole egg down and could probably have room for more. But I think I'll go vote instead.

Plus, I was getting queasy every time I drank a lot of water and I think that's because I'm also constipated. Last night I was in a lot of pain, but was able to get through it. (And that's all I'll say about that!) So now I have one more thing to try to get more of in my diet... fiber!

Yesterday I decided to have broccoli cheese soup for dinner. I was really worried about the fat in it so I was very glad it was the 98% fat free kind. I had Mr. Mac add skim milk instead of 2% as well. Then I'm looking at my totals for the day and I see it: 49 g of carbs! How did that happen? It was all the soup. Between the milk and soup, it was 33 g of carbs and only a very small amount of protein. At least the soup helped me make my fluid goals.
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