Sunday, November 16, 2008

A glimpse of my future

Last weekend I went to Las Vegas (a.k.a. Vegas, Babee) to meet up with the "Lightweights" from Obesity Help, a message board I kind of live at. Everyone there, except Mini-Mac, has had weight loss surgery. More than half were at goal, or close to it. We had a lot of bypassers, one DSer and me, the VSG girl. No lap banders though. Maybe next time.

Anyway, it was a very, very interesting experience! I got to see how people at goal eat, including ordering at restaurants, go shopping in an outlet mall, hike Red Rocks Canyon and even scored some new clothes! I also learned something about myself.

The first thing I learned is that, as crazy as my restriction drives me, I really need it. I am so glad I got the sleeve and not a band or bypass. With those surgeries, if you are eating out with friends and someone brings out a really great desert, but you are full, you can drink something and wash the food out of your pouch so you have room for more. There were at least three times during the weekend when I totally would have done that, if I could.

Not so I could eat gobs and gobs. In most cases I really only wanted one or two more bites -- bites I'll be able to take in a few months when my stomach is more healed. But it's a slippery slope. I don't know how people with those surgeries do it. I clearly haven't got that kind of self-control.

As it was, I ate a lot more than normal anyway. If you take an hour to finish your meal, you can fit more in because the stuff you ate at the beginning is already through by about 20-30 minutes. Plus, there is nothing to stop you from eating every hour. Not that I did that, but I did eat more "meals" than normal. I did still lose weight (1 pound) that week but it was a very timely reminder that weight loss surgery is not a magic bullet and that I'll always have to watch myself to keep from slipping back into bad habits.

The other thing I learned is that I still have a lot of weight to lose! I had trouble keeping up at times and, at the Ann Taylor outlet, I couldn't fit into any of the petite pants because they only went up to 14P (which I can sometimes where, but usually not in pants). Plus in the pictures, you can see I'm much heavier than the rest of them. I've lost so much weight (50 pounds!) and I tend to think of myself as smaller than I am anyway, so I was thinking I looked a lot better than I do.

Finally, I learned how to make a decent protein shake! I had to go out and buy a Magic Bullet to do it, but it's been totally worth it. I'm now not choking the things down hoping for the best and taking an hour to finish 4 oz. I also picked up a great recipe for these chocolate muffins that I'm going to make for Thanksgiving and I got to try shirataki noodles and they were yummy. I will now proceed to inflict them on my family even though they will probably not appreciate it one bit.
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