Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2 Month Stats

So two days ago was my two month "surgiversary" (I hate that word, by the way). I still haven't found my two tape measures, but I'm at MacSIL's house and she has one. So I've got measurements!

Before I unveil them, I will give you my impression of how I've been losing. It appears that I am losing from the outer extremities in. My arms and neck and face are positively tiny. My legs are also getting visibly smaller, but are still muscular so will probably never be tiny. The middle is smaller, but until a few days ago, not proportionately so. For a while I had no waist, either, at least as judged by how my pants fit. Also, the last time I bought bras, I had gone down two sizes in the band but actually went UP a size in the cup, leading me to conclude that my chest and back are losing faster than my tube socks, er, breasts.

So did my measurements also show this picture? Here goes:

Bust: 42" difference: 6
Chest: 34.5" difference: 8.5
Waist: 36" difference: 6
Stomach: 45" difference: 8
Hips: 48" difference: 6
Thighs: right: 22", left: 22.5" difference: 3/2.5
Calves: 14.5" difference: 1.5/2
Arm: right: 12.5", left: 12" difference: 2.5/2

So it looks like I'm losing more off my stomach than I thought, but otherwise this is about as expected.

The grand total lost: forty-eight inches! Woot, woot!

P.S. Pictures to come as soon as I can grab someone to shoot some.
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