Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A watched scale never moves (downward)

I was very curious about how my weight loss would go post-op and also how much fluid I'd take in from the IVs in the hospital. So I fell back into the habit of weighing every day and this was not a good idea. I started to get pretty discouraged about how much I gained in the hospital and how slow it was coming off.

I always tell other people not to weigh more than once a week but sometimes I don't follow my own advice.

Also, even though I'm back down to what I was when I checked into the hospital, I'm a lot more swollen and I'm worried the outfit I picked out to wear to my friends' wedding this Saturday won't fit. All my jeans that were falling off my ass fit just right now. I had not anticipated that.

Today I had to eat in a restaurant. It's MacBoy's birthday and we always go out on the actual birthday day. I ordered milk. Just milk. I brought my Blender Bottle with some protein powder in it, poured the milk in and shook it up. It worked pretty well and with my swollen tummy I could only drink about 4 oz. of it anyway. I could have just had water, I guess, but that seemed unfair to the restaurant.
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