Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stupid Acid Reflux

Man, I am full of acid. It's the pits.

The first couple of days I was okay but it's gradually gotten worse. Tonight I really want to go to bed (since I go back to work tomorrow) but I still have to choke down 8 oz. of water and a sugar free jello in order to meet my protein and fluid requirements. But it's really hard to eat/drink anything when you are full of acid and it's rising up into your throat.

The prilosec I'm taking in the mornings helps for a bit but by mid-afternoon, I can feel the acid. At first, it feels like I'm hungry. But as the evening progresses, I go from thinking I need to eat, eat, eat to thinking I couldn't possibly put anything more into my sleeve. If I haven't gotten in all my requirements before that happens, I'm a gonner.

I think I may just skip it tonight. I've gotten close enough an any more is going to just make me vomit.

I had hoped to be able to stumble along until my follow-up appointment next week but I think I'm going to have to email Dr. Awesome sooner than that because it just gets worse every day.
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