Sunday, October 5, 2008

Post-op Hunger

Since I had the surgery, I no longer feel desperately hungry most of the time. I've noticed that I've gone from eating about every 2 hours to eating every 4 on average as well so that means I'm staying full longer. This is great!

I have felt hunger though. It's not the same as before, thank goodness, but I'd rather not feel it at all right now.

There seem to be three instances where I get "hungry" only one of which is true hunger.

1) Low blood sugar hunger - when I go too long without eating, I feel weak and shaky and "empty". It's interesting because if I was still mass producing ghrelin, I would probably also get the "EAT SOMETHING OR YOU'LL DIE" signal, but I don't. So there is this weird disconnect going on. It's not too bad though, because I just eat something and it goes away.

2) Restless hunger - this is when I find myself standing in front of the fridge and I have no idea how I got there. It tends to happen when I'm bored. When I'm working full-time, it mostly happens on the weekend as work keeps me pretty busy. Unfortunately, my computer desk is in the kitchen so I'm close to the fridge. Generally, when this happen now I go to another room or do something to distract myself. So far it's working, but I can see this something I need to watch out for.

3) Acid reflux hunger - since I got my hiatal hernia repaired, my acid reflux is much more controllable. But I'm still getting issues late at night. It's so weird how being full of acid mimics the hunger signs. Since I am having trouble getting all my fluids in, I generally drink some water when I get these signals.

Pre-op drinking water often turned off my "EAT SOMETHING" signals, but it doesn't seem to do much for the ones caused by acid reflux. I think I may need my PPI meds adjusted. Hopefully, the acid will die down soon as my stomach gets used to its new size and it will become a non-issue.

The main problem with all these "hunger" signals is that they totally throw me into a panic. I'm so afraid of feeling hungry because of my past experiences. To me feeling hungry equals being out of control with food. But so far, I'm managing. Hopefully, I'll get used to this new way of experiencing hunger eventually and it won't throw me into a tizzy so easily.
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