Thursday, October 9, 2008

I ate oatmeal!

I had oatmeal for dinner last night and again for breakfast this morning. It wasn't very good and I didn't eat very much of it, but I guess I'm officially off "thin liquids" and onto "softs". I think I'll try cottage cheese next.

Work is going better. In hindsight, I think I should have taken a full two weeks off since I had both the sleeve and the hiatal hernia repair. But I survived the first two days and yesterday (day 3) I didn't put my head down on the desk once.

I've started looking into my bugs and I might even fix one today once I figure out what the problem is. Today is the first day I have any confidence in my ability to think clearly enough to actually change code. Actually I did okay yesterday in the meeting I had, but fixing bugs requires way more concentration than running a meeting.

I plan to work out today for the first time too. My pedometer says I'm really slacking on moving around compared to pre-op and even the first week post-op. Unfortunately I lost my workout partner to a hernia so I'm on my own. There is good and bad about that. I will concentrate on the good even though I know how hard it is for me to force myself to go to the gym without company (the bad).

I still haven't talked to Dr. Awesome about my acid. I need to do that because I don't see him in person for another 9 days and it's not getting better.
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