Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hid my scale

I hid my scale Tuesday night.

Okay, Mr. Mac hid it. If I hid it, I would be taking it out again on a regular basis. He's supposed to bring it out Sunday night/Monday morning before he goes to work so I can do my weekly weigh-in on Monday morning.

I was driving myself crazy weighing myself every day, moaning over how "little" I was losing and decided I had to stop. Hopefully I will get used to it, but it's been hard and it's only been two days of not weighing.

I never used to be this bad. I would weigh more than once a week when I was on structured diets like Jenny Craig. But as long as the scale went down one pound a week, I'd be happy. In fact, as long as it went down at all, I would be okay with it.

This time I am weighing myself like crazy and if the scale isn't going down half a pound a DAY, I am miserable.

I guess that proves it's all relative. Plus I've started watching that horrible "The Biggest Loser" show and one of the woman on there -- Colleen -- was my weight when I started watching and this week she passed me by a pound. Bitch. (Just kidding. I love Colleen -- she's the only one who makes that show watchable.)

Anyway, being without my scale has been harder than I thought it would be. Hopefully I will adjust to it since my head believes weighing more than once a week is bad.
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