Friday, October 17, 2008

Disappointing Check-up

So today was my first follow-up visit. They weighed me and said I was 181. Well, okay. My scale says 182 and it's not Monday so in my book it doesn't count. They are also tracking my weight from the day of surgery so that squirrely, not real, 191 is considered my start weight.

That means by their records, I've lost 10 lb. since surgery. By mine it is 11. Big difference, right?

Anyway, Dr. Awesome is disappointed. Says if I keep going like this, I'm in danger of not losing all my excess weight. He asked me how I felt about it and, honestly, I've been a bit disappointed too. But I know people who have lost even less in this timeframe, my post-op bible says to expect 10-20 lb. the first month, which I've already hit 10 lb. with one week to go, and since Feb. I have lost 40% of my excess weight. So I was telling myself not to be silly. Apparently I was wrong.

Now I'm depressed.

I got the big speech after that. About calories in and exercise. There was nothing mean about it and nothing I didn't agree with. It was just depressing to get The Speech when I thought I was doing so well.

Also, Dr. Awesome doesn't believe I'm eating as little as The Daily Plate shows, but I am. That pissed me off a bit. I'm very good about writing everything down and about rounding up whenever possible to make up for any unknown errors in the other direction. I've been weighing and measuring my food like crazy too. So I don't think that's the problem.

On the other hand, I am definitely not exercising as much as I'm supposed to. I was really happy that I hit the gym TWO times this week. That's a record! I really worked that bike too. But I'm supposed to do this four times. Plus I was doing around 7000-8000 steps pre-op instead of my 10,000 goal and now I'm doing even less.

So tonight, even though we had mashed potatoes for dinner, I didn't eat with the family and had my bariatric high protein food instead. I also made Mr. Mac go for a walk with me around the neighborhood. He didn't want to go as fast as me or as far but I didn't want to be out after dark alone so we compromised. I added about 3,000 steps to my count for the day!

I need to do more though.

I made Mr. Mac get me a Wii Fit for my birthday and I've only used it once. It's rather embarrassing, in fact. Both Mr. Mac and Mini-Mac have used the program way more than I have. Maybe I need to incorporate that into my schedule too. I'm definitely spending too much time lying in bed watching TV and when I'm not doing that, I'm on the internet. None of this "activity" is particularly active.

In other news, I got my surgery report and my pathology report. My stomach was fine. I'm still working my way through the surgery report. It has lots of terms I have no idea what they mean. The pathology lab over-charged me for my biopsy though.

Oh, the problems I've been having with gurgling and the sore throat and feeling stuck and all that? Dr. Awesome doesn't think it's acid. He says it's from eating too fast. I'm not 100% convinced of this, but I can't deny I'm eating too fast. Drinking too fast too. So I will give slowing down a try and see if that helps.

Dr. Awesome also said I will probably find myself moving on to real food at a slower pace than someone who didn't get the hiatal hernia repair. Pills too. (I still can't swallow any of my vitamins.) He recommended another 3 weeks of soft food. Which means I'll be on soft food when Mini-Mac and I go to Las Vegas to join the Lightweights from Obesity Help. That should be fun -- not. At least we've all had WLS so they will understand. It might be harder around Thanksgiving when the family is going to Disneyland and San Diego. But I digress.

In other news, my hair loss is not surgery related. It's too soon for that. (That's what I said!) He recommended their hair loss hand-out that I forgot to get. Plus there is a cocktail in the bible. But it also says I can use the GNC Hair formula which is what I've already got so I think I'll stick with it.

Then I met with Amy and we talked "softs". I can have string cheese! But only if I chew it good. (Which right now I am not doing with much easier food than string cheese.) I bought some more "bariatric" food just to give myself more variety and we talked about a plan for the Disneyland trip.

So here are my assignments between now and my next check-up:

1) Drink more water
2) Exercise more
3) Eat and drink slower; chew better

You know, earlier today I was feeling overwhelmed by all this. But that's actually a pretty short list. I can do it.
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