Monday, October 20, 2008

Apparently, I'm IT

I got tagged. Or something. :D

So I'm supposed to list eight things no one knows about me. That's going to be hard because I tend to tell everyone everything about me. Maybe I should be less free with the information so my secrets wouldn't be do dark. I'll try to think of some fun ones though.

1) If you've ever played the Mac game "Beyond Dark Castle", when the little hero-dude stops running around to pant and catch his breath ... that's me doing the panting!

2) I think shaving your legs is stupid, but I do it anyway because sometimes I'm a sheeple.

3) I was born in Hawaii, but never lived there until I was an adult.

4) I lost my virginity at age 17.

5) My two least favorite holidays are Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving; my favorite is Christmas and I'm not even a Christian.

6) My father molested me when I was 13. When I found out about five years ago that he was dead, I was happy.

7) My favorite movie is Blade Runner.

8) I've never owned a cat or a dog for a pet.

Now I'm supposed to tag eight more people. Except all the other bloggers I know are already tagged. I'll have to think about this.
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