Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Too much to do

Yikes! I managed to fax my informed consent document to my surgeon's office today and I registered for the hospital so I thought I was sitting pretty. Then I got home and saw I had another packet from the hospital with even more forms. Some of them are repeats of what my surgeon sent me but there is also a Durable Health Power of Attorney to read and fill out. More forms - oh joy!

I'm also getting a call from the hospital on Thursday to go over some medical history questions. Plus I have to do some money stuff to get everything in the right account in order to pay for the surgery. I forgot to do that this weekend and forgot to call today with the credit card info. (We're going to use our Debit Card so we don't have to deal with getting a cashier's check. Isn't modern technology wonderful?)

Plus I still need to make a reservation for a hotel room the night before. Someone suggested that if I was stressed about getting to San Francisco by 6am, that I should just go up the night before. Great idea! So we are.

MacBoy doesn't want to go to the hospital for my surgery. I told MacBoy he was going and that was it. Maybe I should let him go to school instead. It just seems weird to not have him there. What if something goes wrong? I'd want to see him. But nothing is going to go wrong, so why force him to hang out in a boring waiting room for hours? But shouldn't I have my family with me? I feel sort of unnatural if I don't care if he doesn't come. Decisions, decisions.

Mini-Mac does want to come to the hospital, but she also wants to talk about my surgery incessantly. She's driving me a bit crazy with all the questions, most of which are unanswerable. I think she's going to drive me crazy in the hospital too and drive Mr. Mac crazy in the waiting room. She wants to spend the night, which I'm sure is not allowed even if I would allow it. I wouldn't mind if she and MacBoy went home at some point and Mr. Mac stayed but I think that's probably not practical.

Plus I haven't asked Mr Mac, but I'm pretty sure if he could have his way entirely with no consequences, that he wouldn't stay all night. He hates hospitals. And surgery. Now if I tell him I need him, he'll stay because he's wonderful that way. But I won't need him. Not to mention, there is a good chance I'll want him to take Mini-Mac away before I kill her.

Why I am worrying about this right now? I still have tests and appointments and tons of other stuff to do before it matters. Probably because I worry about everything.
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