Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pre-op requirements done?

I think I'm done with my pre-op requirements. I think. I have no more scheduled tests and I'm pre-registered at the hospital.

I do have to arrange to pay the hospital and I have to fill out forms to take off from work. Unfortunately, I think I won't be able to be on disability until I'm out the 8th day. Which is also the last day before I come back.

I thought it would kick in as soon as I went into the hospital or on the 6th or 7th day. That's what happened other times I was in the hospital. Something must have changed.

With my lousy three sick days, I'm going to be cutting into my vacation time pretty quick. If I wasn't afraid of complications keeping me out longer, I'd just take 3 sick days and ask for the rest in comp time, which I feel like I've totally earned given how many overtime hours I've worked for this project.

I could also just "work" from home if I thought I was up to it for that second week. I guess I'm going to have to be talking to my boss about this.
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