Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My bones aren't melting!

I got my lab results back already. I only did them this morning so I was actually shocked to find the email when I got home from work today.

My calcium is back up to normal levels (9.2) and my PTH is 20. I don't know what my vitamin D is because the morons at the lab didn't do it even though it was clearly listed on my orders. They didn't do the magnesium test either. I'm going to have to go back, I think.

This is such a relief to me. I am not a big milk drinker and, until recently, wasn't doing much with cheese or yogurt either. Then on top of that, osteoporosis runs in my family. So when I saw the L next to my calcium results this Spring, I FREAKED!

My PCP said it's probably my HCTZ that was doing that and to stop taking it until I got my labs. Which I did. Plus she called today to say all my results are now at Dr. C's. YEAH! I didn't expect that part to go smoothly.
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