Monday, September 15, 2008

Medical Leave confuses me

I'm having so much trouble figuring out my medical leave stuff. My company has all these other companies that do a lot of the work for them and that includes some national company to "manage" our leaves. I think sometimes it just puts obstacles in the way instead of helps us.

So I called the 800# and they sent me a packet. But in the packet it says I have to get the forms for CA SDI myself. Then on one of the forms I have to fill in how much CA SDI is paying me. How will I know that until I get the check? (The CA SDI site is confusing too -- I already tried to get forms from there with no luck.)

I'm so confused!

The cover letter says nothing helpful. either. It's so vague. I remember a lot more handholding from HR when I had my maternity leave. I guess all our cost cutting is having it's effect.

Oh well, at least one of my sleeve friends is in HR. In fact, she used to work for my company! I'll show her my forms at the support meeting on Wed. and maybe she can help me.
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