Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm a Large?

That's right, I'm a size Large on top! How did that happen?!

My mom had promised to send me her fat clothes, lots of 12s and 14s. I figured that would be perfect to tide me over from my 20s until I got down to the 8s and 10s. In the end, she decided to just send the XL, L and size 16s at least for now. So I'm trying them on and all the XL and most of the L tops FIT! Heck I even managed to squeeze into one of the pair of pants. I couldn't breath or anything, but, hey, they went up all the way.

None of the skirts fit though. I think about 10 of the 25 pound I lost so far has come off my face and the other 15 pounds came off my chest with pretty much nothing coming off the bottom. A lot of the large shirts that don't fit actually fit fine around the shoulder area. It's just that they gap a bit around the bra and then don't button at all from there on down. The ones that fit are stretchier and don't button up.

There was also a gorgeous winter coat that fits now. Even when it's too big, I'm going to keep it. It would be perfect for wearing to the rink as a skating judge.

So now I have lots of pretty clothes from normal stores to wear to work... on top anyway. I'll still have to be in my about-to-fall-off-my-ass jeans for a bit longer. But not too much longer. I'm hoping the barely fit pants will fit for my friends wedding about a week and a half after my surgery. There's a gorgeous top that goes with them that fits now and I'd love to wear that and not my old stand-by lavender fat dress that I've worn to every party I've been to for the past three years.

All of this inspired me to go look at some of the stuff at the other end of my closet -- the clothes that haven't fit for years but have sentimental value or they are the special purpose clothes and I was hoping the next time that special occasion came around again, I'd by some miracle be in that size. Most of them fit too. Two were two big. However, once I figured out they fit, I promptly threw most of them out. I realized they were too beat up or too sloppy looking for me to actually wear them. I have no idea why I hung on to them!

The other thing I discovered is that I have no skirt or shorts hangers. Because I never wear skirts or shorts. I have a big pile of them on top of my dresser waiting for me to go buy some hangers. I've been trying to buy some skirts for years and they always came down to my ankles or fit funny. I can't wait for skirts to be a choice again.

Or really anything but JEANS. I've been wearing nothing but jeans for years now. They are going to fall over and die at work when I start showing up in dress pants, jackets, skirts and dresses.
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