Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Official - Got my Surgery Packet

Today I got the packet that tells me how to pay for my surgery and get ready for it. I'm so excited!

I have to be at the hospital at 6:00 am! I think I'm going to die. Sometimes it takes hours to get to San Francisco from my house and sometimes it takes 45 minutes so I'll probably leave the house at 4:00 am. Yikes! (I am most definitely NOT a morning person.)

My packet has an informed consent form that is pages and pages that I have to sign and write paragraphs paraphrasing what it says. It has all the info for pre-registering at the hospital. It has some protein samples and info for ordering more foods from the office. I might order some of their protein soups since I don't have a source for them. I already ordered a bunch of protein packet samples from Vita Lady so I don't need more of those. It has info for ordering vitamins too. I'll probably continue to get mine at the supermarket or GNC though.

I do have to take some milk of magnesia the night before but I don't have to do that horrible bowel prep with the TriLyte that made my colonoscopy such a horrendous experience. That's a relief.

The rest is pretty typical... start exercising, don't gain weight, lose if you can, don't take NSAIDs and other things that thin the blood starting two weeks before the surgery. I'm also supposed to not get a cold as that increases the risk of pneumonia right after surgery. Not sure how I can control that, but I'll do my best.

I can take my blood pressure medicine the morning of though. Of all the things I think about that are in my future, not having to take blood pressure medicine ranks right at the top. For some reason, getting put on blood pressure meds really put me over the edge.
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