Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I almost have a date!

So I've scheduled my pre-op testing. Mostly anyway. Dr. Whiny "forgot" to give me a referral for the EKG and my medical group won't give me the test without one even though I have a prescription for it from Dr. Awesome and my insurance doesn't require a PCP referral. But they do them as a walk-in so I can get my PCP to give the referral when she gets back from vacation and do it that same day.

My last test is the physical and lab work on Sept 8th. I could have scheduled for Sept. 4th, but I would have had to miss a meeting at work I didn't want to miss. I may change my mind later.

I've put down my deposit and paid for my surgical consult. I picked my "package" which is 16,890 in total -- 410 bucks less than I was expecting because of not having to pay for the nutritional evaluation and psych consult. Since I only had $25 in co-pays for those, I've made out. It's not much, but I'll take it.

So now I'm waiting. Waiting for my tests to happen. Waiting for a call back from the office to schedule my surgery. I hate waiting!
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