Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Told My Boss

I told my boss today that I'm having surgery in Sept. or Oct. and he said "Okay." That was it.

I had built this up in my mind. What if he asks me what's wrong or why I'm having surgery? Do I tell him the truth or say it's private? What if we can't work out a good time to take off? Etc. Etc.

So it was kind of anti-climatic. But one less thing to worry about.

Plus he said not to worry about scheduling around our project, any time in Sept. would be fine. Wasn't that nice?

I will probably try to schedule around my patent application though. It's my first patent and I'm so excited! I'm supposed to be available to sign something on the 12th.

I have my surgical consult next week and I'm very excited. I asked Mr. Mac to come with me and he said "Okay". Hmm. Maybe this "Okay" response is just some guy thing...
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