Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Open Enrollment is here!

I got my Open Enrollment packet in the mail on Saturday and I was SO EXCITED. Until I figured out that they've changed around the plan I was going to switch to and the Plan Summaries for the new plans aren't available. However, our UHC plan is now playing for "weight loss programs" so I'm thinking, if they pay for things like that, they are bound to still pay for Weight Loss Surgery.

I've also heard through the grapevine that UHC is one of the easier insurance companies to get approval from. They also don't require a six month doctor supervised weight loss effort. That's good because I don't have six months and also I think those programs are a joke and I'd rather not waste my time doing something pointless when I could spend that time doing something that will really prepare me.

I've been looking up doctors that are on the new plan and found that one of the Stanford Medical Center doctors is covered. That would be much more convenient than the program in Pleasanton. Hopefully they'll stay covered with the new plan and WLS will stay covered and everything will work out.
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