Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's happening to my plan?

I have to say that my Lap Band journey is not going as planned.

I was supposed to have my consult with my surgeon tomorrow. At that point, I would get weighed and would start the process to lose 10% of my excess weight and get my pre-surgery tests done. Unfortunately, with my insurance excluding WLS, the surgeon's office called to cancel my appointment!

Their reasoning is logical. First, I'd have to pay for the consult out of pocket and they charge $500 for it. Second, if you change insurance in the middle of the process, it causes problems. So they suggested I wait until Aug. 1st when my new insurance would kick in.

There are two problems with that:

1) If I wait until Aug. to start, I will not be ready by Oct. which is when I want to have the surgery. Instead, I would end up having surgery right around the holidays -- a time when I want to be at 100% and not recovering from surgery. There is also a chance that the pre-op requirements couldn't be completed until Jan. or Feb. and that's just too late in our yearly software cycle to be taking a vacation from work.

2) My surgeon hasn't got a contract with United Heathcare! That will increase my costs dramatically. In fact, they will be high enough that I might as well self-pay.

So I feel like I am starting all over, especially if I end up changing surgeons. It's so FRUSTRATING.
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