Sunday, April 6, 2008

Still Crazy After All These Years

I did my psych eval on Thurs. This is part of what my surgeon requires in order to prepare for the surgery. We talked for a while about my life and I was pretty honest. I told her all about the crazies in my family-- the addicts, the suicides, being molested. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I think knowing what I came from makes me seem saner. Plus I don't have anything to hide.

After we talked about my family history and the realities of lap band surgery, I took one of those true/false "Quality of Life" tests. There were lots of questions about whether I follow sports teams, how often I see my friends and family and what my job was like. Sometimes those questionnaires have a lot of questions about religion, but this one didn't.

I think I came off as someone who does have support in my life and manageable stress. I do think the questionnaire needs updating -- there was nothing in there about keeping in touch with people via the texting or email and nothing about online support groups! Pfft to them.

Now I wait to see what the report looks like, I guess. Hopefully the doctor will say I'm a good candidate for the surgery.

In the meantime, my insurance company is being a pill again and I'm scheduled for a nutritional analysis this week.
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