Saturday, March 8, 2008

I have always been "overweight"

It is interesting how our attitudes towards weight change as our circumstances change.

I remember being given a hard time about my weight, nagged about every bit of food I put into my body as a child. Yet, I wasn't particularly overweight. I was 110 and 4 ft 11 inches at 13 and most of that was boobs and booty. According to the BMI charts, my BMI would have been around 23 and that is considered a healthy weight.

Yet I felt the pressure to go on a diet and did, thus starting a lifetime of yo-yo dieting as I took the first step on my journey towards morbidly obesity.

I look back and I remember how dissatisfied I was with my body most of my life. When I was 110, I wanted to be 100. When I was 120, I wanted to be 110. When I was 135, I wanted to be 125. Yet, it wasn't until I hit 135 that my BMI truly qualified me as being overweight and even then only barely.

Now, I look back on 135 with envy and awe. Sometimes I wish I could have those "overweight" years back so that I could enjoy how I looked instead of constantly being critical of myself for not meeting some unrealistic standard.
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