Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So freaking @(*&&((!! at my company right now

I have been doing further research on the Lap-Band surgery, trying to find a doctor and wanting to know what to expect. It's not been clear to me from my insurance company's web site which doctors are covered because they don't have a plan name in the "DocFinder" that is EXACTLY like what it says on my insurance card.

So I downloaded some plan summaries from my company's web site and found out that even though the plan I am on normally covers this surgery as long as you meet certain conditions -- which I meet in spades -- my stupid company has chosen to EXCLUDE it

I am so spitting mad because they claim to be a compassionate employer with awesome benefits. They have lots of "extras" including company match on the 401(k), and all sorts of corporate discounts to all sorts of services.

They also have a benefit to pay $300 towards gym membership. They have an onsite gym and a contract with a personal trainer and a nutritionist. They have all these other programs to promote good health in their employees.

But when there is something that WORKS -- that has a 75% success rate -- that will get me off my medicines for high blood pressure and cut down on my doctors visits for things like plantar fasciitis and help me live longer, on no. It's not covered because everyone knows that the morbidly obese are just lazy and all they have to do it eat less and exercise more and they won't have a problem at all.

Of course the fact that I am hungry every 2 hours and the Lap-Band will change that just doesn't count at all. I'd like to see the people who made this decision live with a body that gets hungry 8 times a day.

I am going to verify my understanding of the coverage. I am crossing my fingers that it's all a big misunderstanding even though I am sure it is not. Once I am 100% sure, I think I will write a letter to our benefits department and explain to them how short sighted their policy is.
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