Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Ideal Weight is 90-110 Pounds ??!!?!

I have been worried about the fact that I'm not really 100 pounds over what I thought was my ideal weight. That is one of the conditions of getting the surgery. Then I found out that a lot of plans require you to be on a doctor-supervised diet for 6 months prior to surgery, which would probably cause me to lose some more weight, and I was even more worried.

But I should have known better. Our society's weight standards are so freaking out-of-whack with any sort of reality.

Right before I got married, I lost a lot of weight and went down to 130 lb. I was about as thin as I could be without being unhealthy. (I was also starving every second of the day and had just had major surgery, due to dieting to getting to that weight, but that's another story.) I could fit into a size 10, which I thought was reasonable. Maybe I had an extra 5 lb. or so of fat hanging around that would only come off with plastic surgery, but that was it. So I was thinking around 125 lb. as an ideal weight for a 20 something and maybe, now that I'm approaching AARP territory, the charts might go a little higher. At just under 225 pound, that would not put me at 100 lb. over my "ideal" weight even though my BMI is a whopping 44.

Well my 125 lb. estimate, which seems "ideal" to me, maybe even a little lower than ideal, is still considered overweight by the number crunchers of the world. Would you believe that most of the charts and calculators I've found on the web say that my ideal weight should be between 90 and 110 pounds?

I'm sorry, but that's crazy. There is no way I could weigh that little and be healthy. Part of that is that I've big boobs. Yes, they'll be smaller when I lost weight, but they've never been below a C cup, even at my skinniest. But even if you add in an extra 5 pounds for "boobage", that would only get me up to 95-115. I'd still be unhealthy at that weight in my estimation.

My maternal grandmother (who was probably anorexic and definitely had osteoporosis) was about my height. She weighed around 90 lb. in her 70s and almost died from getting the flu one year because of it. She had those horrible chicken-wing bones showing above her chest, too. I do not want to look like that. It's not just unhealthy, it's gross!

Oh well, at least I can stop worrying about not being approved for the surgery because I'm "only" 97 pounds overweight. Apparently I am actually almost 110 pounds overweight. I never thought I'd be cheering to find out I'm more overweight than I thought, but bariatric surgery is a strange planet where you cheer for the strangest things.
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